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Facts at a Glance

Facts at a Glance

Area 1,
Population 9,000,000
Language Most people working in the tourism sector speak English. Other foreign languages like German, Italian, Swiss, Russian and Japanese are also spoken. The signboards along roads, in Skytrain and some local buses are bilingual, in English and Thai, for the benefit of the tourists.
Religion Buddhists constitute 93%, Muslims 5% and Christians 1.5% of the population. Other religions together form less than 1 percent.

Thailand has a tropical climate with three seasons:

Summer – March to May – hot and dry

Rainy – June to October – hot and wet

Winter – November to February – cool and dry

The average annual temperature is 28?C (83?F), with summer recording a maximum of 37?C and winter minimum being 20?C.


Thais dress mostly in casuals, though suits are worn by top executives and at high-end hotels. However, neatness is very important to Thais. Sleeveless dresses are not recommended for women. Casual attire is any thing in natural fabric, which is light and loose fitting. In summer, hats and sunglasses are essential, while during rainy season, umbrellas. It is not proper to wear shorts while visiting temples and mosques. Remove the shoes before entering temples.

Local Time +7 GMT
Currency Name: Baht
Code: THB
Symbol: ?
Exchange Most banks have exchange counters working from Monday to Friday 8:30am to 3:30pm. Exchange booths, with affiliation to major banks are found in tourist areas, are open from 7am to 9pm daily.
Credit Cards American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard and Visa Cards are accepted by major establishments. They levy a 3-5 percent surcharge. Most of the banks in Bangkok also allow these credit cards.
Business Hours Government offices are open from 8:30am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday, with a lunch break between 12noon and 1pm. This includes branch post offices. Businesses are generally open from 8am to 5pm. Shops stay open from 8am until 7pm or later, 7 days a week. Department stores are usually open from 10am to 7pm.
Tipping Tipping porters and hotel staff is acceptable, if you are pleased with the service – the amount varies with the kind of hotel. In restaurants, 10% – 15% is the average. However, there is no need to tip in small roadside eateries. Taxi fares are usually rounded up to the nearest 5 or 10 Baht, especially meter-taxis. They don’t earn much profit, but show incredible patience, politeness and knowledge, in spite of Bangkok traffic.
Electricity supply 220V, 50Hz


Mobile Phones Tourists are allowed to use their own mobiles here. Just remember to activate international roaming. But it will be very expensive. True Move (formerly known as TA Orange), DTAC and AIS are the leading mobile service providers.
IDD (International direct dialing) facility is provided in most hotels, with many charging the customers surcharge as well. Cost varies with the time of day and charge for a minimum of 1 minute. Dial 100 for Operator-Assisted Overseas. For IDD dial 001 followed by country and regional codes. You can also make calls from International payphones found at the airport and most tourist areas using credit card or phone cards, which are sold at most convenience stores.


Internet terminals are found all over the city. The rate varies from 1 to 3 baht per minute, which comes to $1.50 to $4.40 per hour. Hotels charge exorbitant rates and so is best avoided. Instead, take a walk along the road in any direction and you will find services with rates as low as $1 per hour.

Security Tourist Police are there to help tourists during difficulties. They are responsible for investigating complaints and handling claims. Bilingual Tourist Police are available at the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) offices in Bangkok. Call Tourist Police 1155, 678-680 (Emergency). Tourist Hotline is 1155 (English and other languages spoken) Ext 1 (24 hours).
Tourist Information TAT Headquarters Bangkok, Address: 1600 New Phetburi Road, Makkasan, Rajatevee. Telephone: +66 (0)2 250 5500 (120 automatic lines)