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The best area to stay in Bangkok if you are traveling with your family

When talking about the neighborhood‘s CBD (Central Business District), you think the life of the people? The atmosphere, living in the CBD district seems to be boring like other colorful CBD district in Bangkok Yai, around the world. If one counts only the current CBD district in Bangkok, Sathorn, Silom and Lumpini whether as Ashok or Rama wouldn’t be wrong poem Janosik are the neighborhood’s colorful CBD in most life. Sathorn Silom district, etc., while it has the atmosphere of a rush of people walked the streets to go to work. The car that accumulates into a large office building out both side of the street. Where the atmosphere is different, these are the almost same story during the weekend that almost no people are bustling walk like a normal day.

The reason that Janosik has taken the lives of people who barely tell this is the neighborhood’s CBD, but people working visit through. Even though the space of office buildings in this district, it has more than seven hundred thousand square meters, but it still contains elements of a Residential Area that is perfect, because it can be a critical factor 3 reasons it is.

1. the heart of Bangkok with travel options that link all the formats listed, on the same road. Sathorn and Silom district, differ from that channel, even with wider car traffic, but it also isn’t sky train journey through the entire range road. Asoke BTS sky train that links the District of every kind. Whether it is a. MRT Phetchaburi station and MRT Sukhumvit station. BTS Asok Skytrain station and the Airport Rail Link together interchange makkasan station and MTR and trailer with boat transport routes that are buried under the pier at มศว. klangosok heart and those who travel by car, it is also a stress-free trip. Located near to u-turn As well as the public transportation that runs through virtually all cable.

2. Ashok is neighborhood Shopping district; the hotel is surrounded by the District, the leading global Lifestyle up to 3 properties that won’t be at The Phrom Phong district EM Ploenchit-Chidlom district District, and under the leadership of the group. CPN, also, to travel quickly, duan, noisy but also within walking distance of Shopping Mall and also has a Stylish Ashok Vlad foreigner examples 21 Terminal located on Asoke Sukhumvit district is considered to be a single district, CBD Shopping Destination just a world-class environment.

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3. close to nature, even in the midst of the commercial and economic center because you can walk to the large park nearby to two properties example. Benja garden phase 2, Michael, now successfully created by a merger with the gardens in the area of the original tobacco factory and the Benjasiri park easily.

Yanosok residents also are filled with. Restaurants Café. Shops, museums, galleries that merged the alleyways, has appreciated the visit, sit back and enjoy something in everyday life, or are looking to be with the club bar, let’s have a party every night.

Asoke ultimate centrally potential areas that still have developed continuously.

The area around the Asoke Skytrain station is one of the areas where there is a high potential of Bangkok, especially after the subway opened. Result in the area around BTS Asoke station; the route became a participant of the Skytrain and subway. Again, all the area surrounding this station still has many office buildings, including buildings, is one of the areas where there is a 5-star hotel, three levels – is one of the most in Bangkok as well.

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