Pamper Yourself With Our Bangkok Health & Wellness Guide

Body & Beauty

For many tourists coming to Thailand, a Thai massage tops the list of to-do items. And the many affordable hotels in Bangkok are the best place for this, as it offers a wide range of massage parlors, with professional massagers. A regular Thai massage costs 100 baht per hour, while posh spas charge almost 10 times this.

The value of a spa is gauged by the quality of the therapists, oils used for massages, cleanliness, atmosphere and things like that. Here is a list of spas in Bangkok according to the price they charge per hour. It is always recommended to make reservations before the visit.

Thai Massage

Thai massage, known as ‘nuad pan bolarn’ in Thai, meaning ‘ancient-style massage’ is being practiced in Thailand for more than 2,500 years. Traditional Thai massage doesn’t require oil and is performed with people wearing light, loose clothing. Skilled Thai massage therapists use the techniques of acupressure and assisted yogic stretching to produce the desired effect. They use their hands, elbows, knees and their own body weight to apply pressure on the body parts.

Thai massage helps in aligning and balancing the energies of the body. It increases blood circulation, breaks down and releases the toxin build-up, which strengthens the immune system, leading to good health. Some find the process painful initially, but the net result will be improved health and vigor and not exhaustion. The massage is known to heal muscle-pain, increase flexibility and energy level. It can improve your sleep and lower stress level.


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