Lowest Rate Guarantee

Agoda offers the following “Lowest Rate Guarantee”: If you have reserved a hotel room through Agoda and then show us that you could book the same room for the same dates at a lower rate that is viewable and bookable on another website, within 48 hours of booking your room with us, we will either match that rate or beat it. For a claim to be valid under this guarantee, it must satisfy all relevant Terms and Conditions and be submitted in compliance with the Claims Processing procedures below.

Submitting a Claim

You need to prove Availability of the Competing Rate by providing a printed screenshot that shows rooms are available and the corresponding rate, room type, and dates. This information is usually displayed on the booking form or the credit card information page. You do not need to make a booking on the competing site, just show us the comparison.

Rates that are “available upon request” must be confirmed as available through the competing rate provider and Agoda will contact them to confirm availability of the rate before honoring any claim. Agoda will not honor claims on rates that are not available when our agents check availability.

Our Customer Service Center will respond back to you via email within 48 hours of submitting your claim.

Terms & Conditions

The Lowest Rate Guarantee applies to a Competing Rate with rate terms that are substantially similar to those terms found on the booking made through a Agoda website (the “Agoda Rate”). Such rate terms may include advance purchase requirements, prepayment and deposit requirements, cancellation, and change policies. The Lowest Rate Guarantee does not apply to a Competing Rate with Rate Terms that, at the sole discretion of Agoda, are more stringent than the Rate Terms offered by Agoda.

The Lowest Rate Guarantee does not apply to unpublished rates, which include private rates, packaged rates, hotel rooms sold as part of a travel package, and rates not available to the general public. Rates not available to the general public include corporate discount rates, group rates, meeting rates, any rates requiring membership in a club such as AAA rates or AARP rates, loyalty program, or other organization where the rates are targeted specifically toward a specific group of individuals and not intended for the general public.

A claim must be submitted within 48 hours after making the original reservation through a Agoda website, and at least 72 hours before your scheduled arrival at the hotel where the reservation is held. The original reservation with Agoda must be fully completed with valid credit card information for this guarantee to be applicable. An original reservation refers to the initial reservation made through a Agoda website and does not include modified or cancelled reservations.

Agoda Customer Service Agents have the sole right and discretion to determine the validity of any claim, including, but not limited to, determining that it is for the same hotel, room type, dates, and that it meets all Terms, Conditions, and Claims Processing requirements.

Upon validation of the claim, a Customer Service Agent will send an email or other communication to you that includes the Booking ID number and the new rate you will be charged. If you have not received a confirmation from the Customer Service Department within 48 hours of submitting a claim, you may contact a Customer Service Agent by phone or email to check the status of your claim.

In the case of bookings where your credit card has already been charged, Agoda will refund the difference to your credit card, if applicable, within 10 business days of submitting your claim. Agoda Rewards points will not be given to any bookings that are confirmed under the Lower Rate Guarantee policy.

Agoda Lowest Rate Guarantee cannot be combined with other offers or promotions. Agoda reserves the right to amend, revise, supplement, suspend or discontinue the Lowest Rate Guarantee at anytime in its sole discretion and without prior notice.

Any questions regarding claims should be directed to our Customer Service Agents

Shop Safe and Privacy Guarantee

Your transactions with Agoda are safe.

The Agoda payment system ensures confidentiality of your personal data and safe use of your credit card for travel transactions. You can supply your credit card details by any one of the following secure methods:

By using our secure (SSL) online Cardholder Information Form
Via secure (SSL) ‘Live Chat’ to one of our Customer Service Agents
By fax, using our Credit Card Fax Form (Required for bookings where the guest name differs from the cardholder)
Or by telephone, directly to our Customer Service Center
If you experience problems downloading the Credit Card Fax Form you may need to install Adobe Reader – click here to go to the Adobe download page. Alternatively, click here to chat to a Customer Service Agent who will be able to send you the form in plain text.

Privacy Statement

Agoda is very concerned about protecting the privacy of our customers. Agoda will not modify, copy, distribute, transmit, license, sell or redistribute any of your personal profile information, except to fulfill your request for services or to help you secure a hotel reservation. Our data is processed and stored in our secure servers in Asia and North America and we are fully PCI compliant. Customer comments or testimonials will not be used without written consent.

Reservation Guarantee

Reservations secured via Agoda are also now backed up with our Reservations Guarantee. If your confirmed reservation at the hotel (for which you have been issued a voucher) is not available or cannot be honored when you arrive to check-in and no other room types that you had booked are available, immediately contact our 24-hour Customer Service Center at the contact number(s) listed on your hotel voucher. Our Customer Service Agents will arrange a room at another convenient and comparable hotel and Agoda will pay for the first night’s stay, equivalent to the actual cost of a 1 night stay based on the original reservation, including any tax and service charges. Also, just provide a receipt and we will also pay for all communication costs to our office.

Cancellation Policy

Unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the cancellation policy, cancellations received prior to the period(s) or dates(s) mentioned in the cancellation policy will incur a processing fee equivalent to US$15, dependent on the chosen currency and exchange rate at time of booking.

Any cancellations received after the cancellation due date specified in the confirmation email (including requests made within this period) are subject to a minimum of a 1 (ONE) night cancellation fee, unless you are notified otherwise in the confirmation email. The additional US$15 cancellation fee will NOT be charged in this case.

Failure to arrive at your hotel will be treated as a late cancellation and will incur a minimum cancellation fee of one (1) night, or more, per room, unless otherwise specified in the confirmation email.

Any changes to your reservation must be made through our agents and not directly with the hotel. This applies to change of dates, extension of stay, early check out, delay of arrival or cancellation in full or in part. Any problems or questions on your reservation prior to arrival or during your stay at the hotel should be directed to our Customer Service agents. We must be notified of all cancellations within our normal office hours from 08:00-18:00 (GMT+7).

Agoda is committed to providing you with a simple and efficient refund process. Please note that shortening your stay during the high season, periods of high occupancy, during trade fairs and conventions, or failure to cancel your reservation prior to the due date noted on your confirmation may result in a PENALTY CHARGE being imposed by the hotel. If a PENALTY CHARGE is incurred, this will be deducted from the amount refunded.
Your confirmation email will specify the exact cancellation due date (i.e. the deadline you must cancel by in order to avoid any cancellation fee). Generally, the cancellation due date is 14 days prior to arrival at the hotel. The PENALTY CHARGE is usually one-night stay, unless specified on the confirmation email. You should reply to the confirmation email signaling your acceptance of the PENALTY CHARGES.
Unless specifically mentioned otherwise in the cancellation policy, cancellation requests submitted via any of the means above, prior to the due date noted on your confirmation, will normally be refunded 100% of the cost of their stay less a $15 administration fee within 10 days of receiving the request. Any cancellation request submitted after the due date noted on your confirmation will also be processed within 10 days, and any applicable PENALTY CHARGE will be deducted from the amount refunded.
Shortened stays, in most cases, will be refunded within 10 days, net of any PENALTY CHARGES applicable, and if you notify us (by any of the means above) prior to shortening your stay, we can expedite the refund process. If however, you notify us after checking out, some shortened stay refunds may take longer because some hotels can be slow to confirm the exact dates of your stay. If your refund is likely to take longer than 10 days to process, we will notify you via email upon receipt of your request.
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About Agoda

Agoda(agoda.com) is an online hotel reservations service which specializes in securing the lowest discount hotel prices in Asia. Agoda is part of Priceline.com (Nasdaq:PCLN). Based in Singapore with operations in Bangkok and the Philippines, Agoda’s network includes 7,000 hotels in Asia and more than 33,000 worldwide. The staff of 200 professionals provides a first-rate reservation service that uniquely combines local knowledge and local connections to provide the best hotel deals to both business and leisure travelers.

Agoda is a service which links hotel bargain-seekers with travel wholesalers. The partners we have chosen are only the largest, most reputable companies with long-time operations in Asia and worldwide, and are affiliated with the following organizations:

ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents)
IATA (International Air Transport Association)
PATA (Pacific Asia Travel Association)
HKTA (Hong Kong Tourist Association)
ATTA (Association of Thai Travel Agents)
TIC (Travel Industry Council)
Our organization’s aim is to be the #1 Internet provider of discount hotel rooms and other travel products. We realize that booking your travel over the Internet is new and all of our efforts are centered around establishing a reputation for quality service and reliability. For this reason we have also established our “Shop Safe and Privacy Guarantee” to enable you to use our service with confidence.


1. Agoda makes every effort to ensure that any materials or rates displayed on this website are accurate as at the date of issue. Changes in market conditions or circumstances may occur after the issue date which may make information displayed on this website no longer accurate or no longer reflect the current position.

2. Agoda hereby expressly disclaims any representation, warranty or undertaking in relation to the accuracy, completeness, quality or adequacy of any contents of this website.

3. While Agoda makes every effort to work with hotels which provide an acceptable standard of service and accommodation for the price paid, we hereby expressly disclaim any representation, warranty or undertaking in relation to the quality or adequacy of any hotel listed on our website.